Our Story

Ferryl Anticorrosive Products: for better rust protection and maintenance worldwide, since 1955. This is who we are; this is our story.


Mission Statement & Values

Our Mission Statement:

To manufacture, develop and market high-quality, anticorrosive products that are specially designed to improve function, safety and appearance in niche areas in the shipping industry.

Our Values:

- To honour and uphold the values of our Founder, with pride in the Ferryl name.

- To operate ethically and with integrity.

- To give service that is personal, efficient, timely and courteous at all times.

- To treat all people equally and with respect, irrespective of race, nationality, age or gender.

- To establish a safe and motivating work environment for all of our employees.

- To uphold strict quality control of all Ferryl products through manufacture in facilities that are managed by Ferryl and that are exclusively dedicated to production of Ferryl products.

- To develop products optimally in line with environmental protection.

- To maintain and continually develop a reliable and efficient global network of supply.