Ferryl Armacit Pipe Sealant


A fluid, paste-like packing providing a durable, permanent and air-tight seal that is easy to use in a wide range of applications.

Main applications:

green-checkSteam Pipes
green-checkSewage Pipes
green-checkHydraulic Pipes


    • Permanent, Hard & Secure: The viscous, black paste dries to create a secure seal.
    • Air-Tight Seal: Fills all voids and gaps; does not loosen from vibrations.
    • Thermal Resistance: Effective in a wide temperature range.
    • Withstands High Pressure: Works up to the burst pressure of most piping systems.
    • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to water, steam, oil, petrol, many solvents, acids and diluted alkalis.
    • Easy to Apply: Delivered ready to use.

Supplied in 150g tube, individually or in packs of 12.



Piping Systems:

Steam                   Fire-fighting Water Compressed Air     
Hydraulic Sewage Fuel



Galvanized Steel   Steel                 Brass
Aluminium PVC Stainless Steel