Our Story

Ferryl Anticorrosive Products: for better rust protection and maintenance worldwide, since 1955. This is who we are; this is our story.


The Ferryl Concept

In the marine market there are three major sectors of products: chemicals, paints and oils. Ferryl, however, provides the fourth sector. It is an alternative sector of specialty products that substitute generic products produced by the other three sectors. Uniquely designed for the marine environment, the products meet specific needs on board.

Customers can buy a simple standard product from one of the first three sectors - a generic chemical, paint or oil - or they can buy our specialised products with exceedingly better quality, long-life protection and special qualities, whilst still remaining in the same price range as simple products.

The Ferryl Product Range is an anticorrosive range of greases and oils, plastic compounds, and maintenance products, specially designed for the shipping industry. Ferryl Sales Limited is the only company that can provide this specialised range with a strength and quality built up since 1955.