Ferryl Air-Refreshment Bad Odour Neutraliser

Maintenance , Other

An air-refreshment liquid chemically neutralising bacteria in the air, removing bad odours and leaving a fresh scent.

Main applications:

green-checkCargo Holds
green-checkStorage Rooms


    • Actively removes bad odours.
    • Neutralises bacteria in the air.
    • Fresh, neutral scent.
    • Non-Toxic.
    • Non-Flammable.
    • Non-Aerosol.

Applied by spraying evenly into the air.

Supplied in 25L plastic drum or 500ml plastic spray bottle, individually or in packs of 10.



Cabins Cargo Holds Garbage-Disposal Areas
Galleys Bridge Fishing Vessels
Bathrooms Mildew Processing Facilities
Toilets Storage Rooms Factories
Cigarette Smoke Messrooms Animal Smells