Ferryl Cleaning Fluid Oil & Grease Remover


A solvent-based and emulsifying cleaning liquid for the removal of oil and grease.

Main applications:

green-checkCargo Holds
green-checkEngine Room


    • Powerful Cleaning Ability: A tough and effective cleaning liquid.
    • Versatile: Removes all types of oil and grease.
    • Fast-Acting: Acts quickly and efficiently.
    • Non-Corrosive: Can be used on all metals and surfaces.
    • Non-Toxic & Non-Chlorinated: Environmentally-friendly cleaning liquid.
    • Easy to Use: The product is easy to apply.

Can be applied by rag, brush, spray, mop, sponge or submersion.

Supplied in 25L metal drum.



Fuel Oil Lube Oil Diesel Oil
Mineral Oils Grease Fats
Dirt Soot Carbon
Asphalt Wax and More