Ferryl 103 Anticorrosive Drying Oil

Grease / Oil

A drying oil providing ultimate rust protection and adhesion through a dry, tough film.

Main applications:

green-checkSpare Parts
green-checkTanks & Void Spaces
green-checkMachine Parts


  • Dries Completely: Dry, tough coating
  • Rust Inhibitors: Chemically active for ultimate rust protection
  • Magnetic-Like Adhesion: Ensures long-term protection
  • High Melting Point: For use in extreme climates and temperatures well below freezing
  • Easy and Quick Removal: Allows the surface or object to be quickly returned to its original condition

Can be applied by brush, spray or dipping.

Supplied in 25L metal drum.



Spare Parts Tanks Pipes
Axels Spare Propellers Mooring Wires
Machine Parts Engines Chain Cables
Tools Machinery and More