Ferryl 400R Anticorrosive White Coating


A plastic-like coating providing rust protection where a white and dry but flexible coating is needed.

Main applications:

green-checkStanding Rigging
green-checkHydraulic Hoses


    • White Colour: Leaves a clean and attractive appearance.
    • Plasticity: Gives a durable, flexible, non-cracking coating.
    • Rust Inhibitors: Chemically active for ultimate rust protection.
    • UV-Stabilisers: Ensures long lifetime of the coating.
    • Excellent Adhesion: The product can be applied to most surfaces.
    • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to oil, grease, petrol and saltwater.
    • One-Component: Delivered ready to use and is applied like paint.

Can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Supplied in 12kg metal drum.



Standing Rigging Guy Wires Electrical Cables
Hoses Tubing Stay Cables
Tension Wires Hydraulic Hoses Rubber
Seals Suspension Wires and More