Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease

Grease / Oil , Wire Treatment

A wire-rope grease providing ultimate rust protection and lubrication to extend wire-life and efficiency.

Main applications:

green-checkMooring Wires
green-checkCrane Wires
green-checkRamp Wires


  • Penetration: Protection of entire wire through penetration into wire core
  • High Melting Point: For use in extreme climates and temperatures well below freezing
  • Rust Inhibitors: Chemically active for ultimate rust protection
  • Rubberised Binders: Ensures excellent adhesion to the wire
  • Semi-Drying Film: Protective layer prevents penetration of moisture - flexibility without cracking
  • Lubrication: Protects against deterioration and wear - easy running of rigging

Can be applied by brush, glove or wire-lubricator.

Supplied in 25kg metal drum or 900g tin.



Winches Shackles Hatchcover Wheels
Mooring Wires Backsprings Valves
Lifeboat Falls Tankcover-Screws Bearings
Derricks Hoists Screws & Bolts
Open Gears Lashings and More