Ferryl 401 Anticorrosive Transparent Coating


A dry, plastic-like coating preventing corrosion of metals, preserving original shine of surfaces and reducing need for maintenance or polishing.

Main applications:

green-checkStainless Steel


    • Transparent and Glossy: Maintains the original appearance of the metal.
    • Plasticity: Gives a durable, flexible, non-cracking coating.
    • Rust Inhibitors: Chemically active for ultimate rust protection.
    • UV-Stabilisers: Ensures long lifetime of the coating.
    • Excellent Adhesion: The product can be applied to most surfaces.
    • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to oil, grease, petrol and saltwater.
    • One-Component: Delivered ready to use and is applied like paint.

Can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Supplied in 1kg tin, individually or in packs of 10.



Couplings Handrails Door Frames
Engine Parts Nuts Door Knobs
Signs Ventilators Binnacles
Portholes Pipes Fixtures
Instruments Fittings and More