May 1, 2016

Ferryl Expands in China with Hissen

In the vast Chinese market, there is a gap. There is a large need for high-quality greases and wire-rope maintenance products, for a wide range of application areas – from ship cranes, port cranes, shipyards and ship building installations, to offshore oil platforms, ship mooring wires and construction.

With Shanghai Hissen Marine Engineering Co., Ferryl aims to meet this need throughout China. In their Shanghai warehouse, Hissen now keep a full stock of Ferryl products.

With multiple offices, from Xian to Shanghai to Hong Kong, Hissen offer consistent supply and service of marine equipment, including diesel engines, propulsion systems, boilers and cranes. In April Ferryl visited Hissen to meet new customers. With an expanded, deep understanding of the benefits of Ferryl's range of specialty greases, oils and coatings, Hissen's team can now reliably assist customers to offer the best Ferryl solution for them.

Technical Presentation in Shanghai

On the 9th of April Ferryl held a technical presentation at the Ramada Pudong Hotel, in Shanghai, China. Representatives from various sectors of the maritime industry attended the event, including ship-owners and managers, ship building and service providers.

It was an exciting program arranged by Hissen, including a presentation by Ferryl, videos, interactive product demonstrations, a large raffle prize draw with extravagant gifts, and lastly a lavish buffet dinner.

The presentation gave Chinese customers a chance to get to know Ferryl and the Ferryl Anticorrosive Products. Ferryl experts answered specific customer application questions. Guests had a first hand experience of the benefits provided by Ferryl's quality products.

Ferryl was delighted to meet so many people in the industry and would like to thank Hissen for arranging such an exciting event for all!