June 30, 2016

Itec - New Agent in France

Ferryl are pleased to announce a new sales agent in France - Interface Technologies (Itec). As Itec General Manager Claude Bernard states: "We are thrilled to become Ferryl's agent in France".

Itec have been active in the anticorrosion business since 2000 and have this year added the Ferryl Anticorrosive Products to their range in order to provide their customers a more complete rust protection and maintenance package.

France boasts some 3400km of coastline, major ports such as Le Havre and Marseille, as well as world-renowned ship owners.

Marc Bienvenu, Sales Manager at Itec, is working with his sales team to introduce Ferryl to customers, ship owners, as well as ports and handling companies throughout the country. Marc reports back that the feedback from clients thus far has been very positive, stating "we strongly believe that there is a lot to achieve on this market".

Ferryl is looking forward to expanding service to Ferryl customers throughout France with Itec.