December 1, 2015

Ferryl: Past, Present & Future


In 1955 Ferryl came into being because of a lack.

The founder of Ferryl saw that there were no products on the market that were specially designed to fight the issues of corrosion at sea. 

Ferryl worked hard to develop products to meet these unmet needs. A tradition of superior performance and high quality was established.

Fundamentally, the reason to buy Ferryl was, and still is, that a green Ferryl drum offers an excellent product that will outperform alternatives, improve efficiency and save you, the customer, money.


As Ferryl celebrates 60 years, it is undeniable that today the brand name alone stands for something. It is a name that can be trusted. In today's globalised world where customers are overwhelmed with choices and options, a brand name that can be trusted is rare. This trust is what Ferryl has built up over 60 years.

Ferryl is different. We are, like when we were founded, still a family company. We still produce everything ourselves to ensure strict quality control. We still care about every green Ferryl drum that is produced and delivered out. We are still specialised and focussed on what we do: specialty anticorrosive products for deck applications at sea. After 60 years, 'Ferryl' stands for something. 'Ferryl' can be trusted.


As Ferryl wraps up a successful and exciting 60th year, it is time to look towards the future. What does Ferryl offer customers worldwide? Why buy Ferryl?

The critical point is that Ferryl offers the best of both worlds: an excellent product coupled with a trusted brand name. It is not enough to say "buy Ferryl because it is Ferryl". No - the product must meet a need. It must solve a problem. It must improve function, safety and appearance all at the same time.

But after 60 years, you can trust the Ferryl name. What does this mean? It means consistency. The first green Ferryl drum opened will definitely do the job very well. But so will the 2nd, the 3rd, the 100th and the 1000th drum. This is what Ferryl can do for you. This is why you should buy Ferryl.