July 15, 2020

Ferryl 401 Protecting Stainless Steel on Tankers


Stainless steel is not supposed to rust, but in the corrosive marine environment, even higher grades of stainless steel quickly begin to tarnish.

Especially stainless steel that is on the outer deck is very exposed to corrosive sea water, leading to rapid corrosion of even higher grades of stainless steel.

The Issue

The managers of a fleet of LPG tankers approached Ferryl because they were having issues protecting their stainless steel.

The crew were cleaning the steel every 4 months to remove the rust. The vessels had significant stainless steel pipe cladding on the decks, so this was not an insignificant task.

The Solution

Ferryl 401 Anticorrosive Transparent Coating is a clear rust preventative coating that creates a barrier between the steel and the corrosive marine environment.

Typically a one-time application, Ferryl 401 removes the need for regular maintenance of stainless steel. Surfaces that are coated look shiny and rust free for years.

Before application of Ferryl 401 the rusty stainless steel pipe cladding was cleaned with Ferryl Ferrycid Rustremover. This brought back the original shine of the metal, which was then preserved with Ferryl 401.

The Result

The left pipe was last cleaned 4 months prior, showing the level of rusting in just 4 months.

The pipe on the far right was coated with Ferryl 401 and the result is clear. This pipe is completely rust free.

Ferryl 401 Anticorrosive Transparent Coating is an ideal solution to any stainless steel on any vessel, be it pipe cladding, pipe mounts, couplings, boxes, signs, frames, doors etc.