July 1, 2020

The Decade of Ferryl 202 has begun!

The Ferryl 202 range of greases have now been around for six and a half decades. In fact, 2020 marks Ferryl's 65th anniversary. We'll leave the party for some other time – maybe our 70th? But, we are proud that '202' can today be spotted on ships around the world.

But it is with the start of this decade that '202' really can be seen everywhere. The morning news shows '202'. The receipt from the store or your online purchase shows '202'. The date on the email you sent shows '202'. The reminder you receive to wish a loved one happy birthday shows '202'. Indeed, '202' really is everywhere!

2020 can be read as "twenty twenty", or as "two thousand twenty", but at Ferryl we choose to see it as "202-0". It is all a matter of perspective, and having the right perspective can be pretty important.

So, what is your perspective? What do you see when you see 2020? This number, this year, represents a lot of things – a lot of difficulties for many, no doubt. We urge you to look at this number in a different light. Let it represent challenges overcome, new opportunities, growth and positive change.

At Ferryl, we try to think outside of the box. We try to see the things that not everyone sees, so that we can develop products that others have not. We try to find the positives in things that are not always positive, because after all, when the current difficulties pass – and this too shall pass – life will continue.

So, maybe the Ferryl perspective can be helpful right now. This decade, 202 will be everywhere. A number that represents resilience, reliability, and tenacity. We have survived and thrived for 65 years, so for us it means adaptiveness, innovation and optimism.

We at Ferryl will continue to see 202 0. What will you see?