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Standing Rigging

The Application:

Standing rigging, such as mast wires, require good rust protection because these wires are often very exposed but support important masts and equipment. There are two conventional solutions for coating these wires: paint or grease, but there are issues with both.

A product that dries like ordinary paint becomes too brittle and will soon crack. Although stationary, the constant vibrations of the wires will cause dry coatings to crack quite quickly. The cracked coating exposes the steel wire to saltwater and the wire will start to rust. When a grease is applied to mast wires, this solves the cracking issue, but because the grease does not dry it is messy and, especially when using poor quality greases, it is easily washed off or drips off in hot temperatures, again leaving the mast wires unprotected and vulnerable to corrosion.

Mast Wires

The Product:

Ferryl 400R Anticorrosive White Coating

Ferryl 400R Anticorrosive White Coating is a plastic-like coating that forms a flexible, white, plastic film on the surface of the mast wire or standing rigging. A one-component product applied by brush or spray, Ferryl 400R is easy to apply and resembles paint in its appearance and application procedure. The product does dry completely, but because of the plastic components within the product, Ferryl 400R remains flexible.

Ferryl 400R does not crack from movement or vibration of the wires, so the steel wires are protected against corrosion. With the built-in Ferryl rust inhibitors, the coating provides excellent chemical rust protection, whilst UV stabilisers prolong the lifetime of the coating. The white colour of Ferryl 400R gives an attractive finish.