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Hatchcover & Crane Rails

The Application:

Steel rails on which hatchcovers or gantry cranes run are often difficult to protect against rust. Because of the movement of the wheels on the rails, painting is not an option as paint is easily scraped off. Applying a generic multi-purpose grease on rails does not work because the grease is easily washed off in bad weather or forced off through the heavy loads on the rails during operation.

An uncoated rail will reveal bare steel and expose it to rust. The negative aesthetic result is obviously a rusty rail and consequent rust stains that surround it. In the long-term, an unprotected rail will show more severe rusting which can lead to the rails not operating properly, causing safety issues and possible machinery operation downtime.

Ship w Gantry Crane

The Product:

Ferryl 202 Aluminium Anticorrosive Grease – "Grease-Paint"

Ferryl 202 Aluminium is known as a "grease-paint" because it is undoubtedly a grease yet covers much like paint. Unlike paint, the product does not dry completely. It maintains flexibility so that it cannot crack or peel off under the weight and movement of the hatch or crane. The adhesion and sea-water resistance of Ferryl 202 Aluminium is superb, which means that it is not easily washed off. A thin layer of the grease is enough to protect the rail.

Ferryl 202 Aluminium gets its name from the aluminium within the product, which gives it excellent anti-seize properties as well as its aluminium-grey colour, which blends in well on rails.