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Crane Wires

The Application:

Crane wires at sea are very exposed to the elements. Wire-rope grease has to withstand the full force of the sea. Issues with poor greases are numerous: dripping into the sea or onto cargo in hot climates, wash-off in storms and bad weather, frequent re-greasing and wires rusting and snapping. In addition the crane wires can be difficult to get to, making re-greasing a hassle.

Grease that drips or is washed off will either end up polluting the sea or cause hazards by dripping on decks or onto cargo. The crane wire is left exposed. This causes wear on the steel wire from lack of lubrication. It also exposes the steel to corrosion, such that wires need to be prematurely replaced.

The Product:

Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease

Ferryl 202 Standard has been designed with ship crane wires in mind. Because of a unique chemical build-up and because it is produced in a different way to conventional greases, Ferryl 202 Standard offers a different level of adhesion and rust protection. Rubberised binders within the grease along with a semi-drying film that forms on the surface of the wire ensure excellent adhesion that will prevent the grease being washed off when the vessel is sailing through storms. A high melting point ensures the grease does not drip in hot, tropical climates.

Additional or Alternative Products

On new wires or to obtain optimal penetration into the wire core, Ferryl 101 Anticorrosive Oil can be applied. Because it is an oil Ferryl 101 will easily penetrate throughout the wire, ensuring the entire wire is protected against rust. Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease can then be applied on top, for excellent lubrication of the wire. Ferryl 101 and Ferryl 202 Standard are 100% compatible products.

If application procedure requires a different viscosity, Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease and Ferryl 101 Anticorrosive Oil can be mixed to obtain the desired thickness.

When appearance is important, Ferryl 202 White Anticorrosive Grease offers a clean, white appearance and can be used with excellent results.