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Rusty or Used Wires

The Application:

Wires that are used, wet or rusty

If a wire is left exposed or uncoated in the marine environment, or if a wire is coated with a simple or poor grease that does not protect the wire sufficiently, water will penetrate into the wire core and corrosion will begin. The wire will rust. A grease that is not designed for the marine environment will easily drip in hot climates or be washed off by seawater. This leaves steel wires exposed and vulnerable to corrosion.

Before applying Ferryl Anticorrosive grease or oil to a wire, for optimal result and performance, the wire should be free from other coatings, oil or grease. The wire should also be treated to remove any moisture or rust. Otherwise, moisture or rust in the wire core will be encapsulated underneath the new grease coating and the wire will rust from within.

Crane Wire Drum

The Product:

Ferryl Rustoil Penetrating Oil

A very thin oil, Ferryl Rustoil Penetrating Oil is used to wash wires. Applied by brush or rag, Ferryl Rustoil dissolves any oil or grease that used wires are often coated with. Ferryl Rustoil will loosen rust and stop the corrosion process. Any water or moisture in the wire core will be displaced.

Ferryl Rustoil penetrates easily into the wire core, where it loosens rust, displaces moisture and leaves behind a thin, protective coating. Once any old grease, water and/or rust have been removed, the wire is ready to be coated with Ferryl 101 Anticorrosive Oil, 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease or Ferryl 202 White Anticorrosive Grease.