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Ramp Wires

The Application:

Ramp wires on car carriers or ro-ro vessels require a grease to withstand varying temperatures, exposure to bad weather conditions and sea water. A common issue with wire-rope greases and oils is the adhesion to the wires. Greases often drip off the ramp wires in hot or wet weather. This is particularly problematic during loading or unloading. Dripping grease can cause environmental concerns if it drips into the sea, hazards if it drips onto the ramp or quay and problems if it drips onto valuable vehicles that PCCs and PCTSs often carry. Greases often look messy, which can cause the ramps, where all cargo passes, to look un-kept and in poor condition.

Greases that do not adhere well to the ramp wires not only cause issues by dripping. Greases with poor adhesion require frequent re-application, which increases grease consumption and labour. If wires are not re-greased sufficiently, corrosion of the wires will follow and the lack of lubrication will cause more wear of the wires. This can lead to a shorter lifetime of ramp wires and risks of wires snapping.

Some parts of ramp wires can be very exposed during sea voyages. This means that greases can be easily washed off or drip off if the adhesion of the grease is not good. Because ro-ro vessels are often white or light in colour, the otherwise clean look of the vessel is compromised by rust stains or from grease dripping from wires.

Ferryl 202 White for Ramp Wires
Ferryl 202 White for Ramp Wires
Ferryl 202 White for Ramp Wires
Ferryl 202 White for Ramp Wires

The Product:

Ferryl 202 White Anticorrosive Grease

With a high melting point, excellent sea-water resistance and exceptional adhesion, Ferryl 202 White is a wire-rope grease ideally suited for ramp wires. Ferryl 202 White is designed for the shipping industry and is therefore equipped to withstand varying temperatures – from well below freezing to hot tropical climates. Rubberised binders and a semi-drying film ensure that the grease is not washed or thrown off. Specially selected lubricants and anticorrosion additives ensure that the wire-ropes are protected against corrosion and wear for long-term safe operation.

Ferryl 202 White is white in colour, which improves the overall aesthetics of the wires and their surroundings. A cleaner appearance is achieved, which is appreciated by manufacturers whose products are being transported.

Additional or Alternative Products

If a white appearance is less important, Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease also offers outstanding adhesion, lubrication and rust protection and is therefore also an excellent choice for ramp wires.