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Safety & Visibility Markings

The Application:

Safety at sea is important and the marking of safety hazards is crucial for crew safety. Especially in low light conditions such as fog or storms, it is important that hazards such as steps, beams, walkways, railings, crane hooks, emergency exits and life-saving equipment are easily seen. Such hazards are commonly painted with yellow or red paint, but paint has inferior visibility. Normal paint will also fade over time as well as crack and peel under tough conditions at sea.

The Products:

Ferryl 502 and Ferryl 505 Anticorrosive Fluorescent Coatings

Ferryl 502 and Ferryl 505 Anticorrosive Fluorescent Coatings use high visibility fluorescent pigments, which give the coatings a much brighter, more intense colour, greatly improving visibility. The visibility of these fluorescent pigments is especially enhanced in low light conditions, where it is also most important for hazards to be easily identified.

Ferryl 502 and Ferryl 505 are one-component products, applied like regular paint and very easy to use. Unlike paint, however, the coatings have a plastic component such that the dry coating maintains flexibility. This plastic-like coating has a long lifetime due to its adverseness to cracking. Active rust inhibitors provide anticorrosive protection and UV-stabilisers ensure a longer lifetime of the colour intensity.