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Cold Climate Greasing

The Application:

Vessels trading in cold temperatures can have difficulties finding a suitable oil or grease for wire ropes because conventional products are not designed for operation in temperatures below freezing. Products will naturally get harder as the temperature drops, which can lead to greases becoming too hard to handle and even becoming brittle and cracking.

Container Ship in Port w Ice
Bulk Carrier w Cranes in Ice
Ice Breaker Front Detail
Ferry in Port w Ice

The Product:

Ferryl 101 Anticorrosive Oil

Being liquid, Ferryl 101 Anticorrosive Oil is easy to apply even at temperatures well below freezing. Ferryl 101 has excellent adhesion and penetration ability, combined with chemically active rust inhibitors within the product. This ensures excellent rust protection throughout the steel wire.

Ferryl 101 Anticorrosive Oil is used either on its own on board vessels trading in cold climates, or in combination with Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease. If applied in warmer climates, Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease will work very well by itself in cold climates, especially on board vessels that trade both in hot and cold climates. But on board vessels that require greasing of wires when in cold temperatures, Ferryl 202 Standard can be too hard to apply easily. In these cases, the Ferryl 101 oil is used to "thin" or soften the Ferryl 202 Standard grease, because the two products are 100% compatible. By mixing Ferryl 101 and Ferryl 202 Standard, a softer consistency is obtained that is easier to work with in cold climates.