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Greasing on Cruise Ships

The Application:

Greasing Needs on Cruise Ships & Ferries

No ships are scrutinised as much about their appearance as cruise ships. These vessels have the primary goal of attracting passengers, so cruise ships and passenger ferries need to maintain a high standard of appearance as well as passenger safety.

The large number of passengers means a large number of lifeboats and tenders, usually stored on davits above outer decks. The wires of these davits need to be greased for rust protection and lubrication just like any wire at sea. Poor greases, however, are not only very likely to be washed off easily, leaving the wires exposed and vulnerable to rust, but they are also prone to drip in the hot, tropical climates that cruise ships frequent. The dripping grease will either end up on deck causing a safety hazard for passengers, in the sea, or on passengers themselves. Even if the grease used does not drip, a black, sticky mess surrounding wires and other grease points is very unattractive.

Cruise Ship x2 in Port
Deck w Lifeboats
Ferry at Sea

The Product:

Ferryl 202 White Anticorrosive Grease

Ferryl 202 White Anticorrosive Grease is importantly completely white in colour, which provides a clean, white appearance for application on life-boat falls, ideal for cruise ships and ferries that are usually white in colour. Ferryl 202 White will not impact the appearance of surrounding white painted surfaces, like a dark grease would.

Like other Ferryl greases, Ferryl 202 White is designed for optimal performance in the marine environment. Rust inhibitors chemically protect against rust and lubricants give the necessary lubrication for running wires. Ferryl 202 White is designed not to drip in hot climates and works equally well in temperatures below freezing. Rubberised binders within the grease ensure excellent adhesion of the grease, making sure it is not thrown off during lowering of tenders and other wire motion. This superior adhesion increases the lifetime of Ferryl 202 White, reducing re-greasing needs and grease consumption.

The attractive white colour of Ferryl 202 White is also appreciated by all types of vessels and is ideal for use on ramp wires on Ro-Ro or car carriers, or on steel mooring wires, as an alternative to Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease.