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Rubber Hoses & Cables

The Application:

Rubber contains plasticisers that keep the rubber soft, but over time these inevitably evaporate, making the rubber dry out and become brittle or cracked. This process happens faster if the rubber is exposed to hot temperatures, UV-rays in sunlight or saltwater. At sea, this means that the lifetime of rubber electrical cables, hydraulic hoses or seals on outer decks is limited. Due to often constant UV-exposure and hot temperatures, if left too long, aged and dry rubber can lead to electrical short-circuits, machinery malfunction or leaks, which can be costly.

Replacing rubber parts on a regular basis is also costly, as well as time-consuming. Painting rubber is not a solution, as paint rarely adheres well to rubber and because it dries hard it easily cracks and peels off, leaving the rubber exposed. Vaseline or other greases are easily washed off because they do not dry and have worse adhesion.

The Product:

Ferryl 400R Anticorrosive White Coating

Ferryl 400R Anticorrosive White Coating is a white, one-component coating applied like a regular paint, but because of plastic components within the coating, it maintains flexibility and does not easily crack from vibrations and movement. It is designed to adhere to rubber and does not easily peel off. Because it dries, Ferryl 400R provides a clean, white, mess-free attractive finish on the rubber that cannot be washed off in bad weather.

Ferryl 400R creates a barrier between rubber and UV-rays from the sun. This reduces the seeping out or evaporation of the plasticisers that keep the rubber soft, which prolongs the lifetime of the rubber.