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Rust Removal

The Application:

Rusting steel should be treated at an early stage to prevent corrosion from damaging the metal. If left to spread, rust becomes increasingly difficult to remove. With the entire ship being made of steel and being surrounded by saltwater, avoiding rust completely is an impossible task and it inevitably becomes necessary to remove rust of varying severity. Frequently a wide range of different chemicals and machinery are used, with different methods being employed for different types of rust, which is not only expensive to purchase but complicated for crew to use.

Rust Treated with Ferrycid

The Product:

Ferryl Ferrycid Rustremover

Ferryl Ferrycid Rustremover is designed to cover a wide range of rust treatment, from early stages of light rust to rust on painted surfaces to removing heavy rust and rust scale. By using the one product it becomes easier for the crew and reduces the number of rust treatment chemicals stored on board.

For treatment of lighter rust, Ferryl Ferrycid reacts quickly to remove the rust. On heavy rust the product will need some time to react, but will completely remove the rust. Badly corroded parts can be placed in a Ferrycid bath. When the rust has been treated, the surface is rinsed off with fresh water. On heavier rust, Ferrycid is often left to react for longer periods of time; the product will react with the rust only and will not damage the steel. In these cases Ferrycid will form a white powder at the end of the process that can be brushed off before coating the rust-free metal.

Although appropriate gloves and eye-wear are recommended when using Ferryl Ferrycid, it is a safe and non-toxic product to use that is not harmful to the marine environment.