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Rust Stains

The Application:

Removal of Rust Stains on Painted Surfaces

Cracks, imperfections, weak spots and/or physical damage to painted surfaces expose the steel underneath to saltwater and corrosion, causing spots or runs of rust on painted surfaces. Improperly protected parts or equipment can also rust, which then stain onto painted surfaces surrounding them.

If rust and rust stains are not treated they will continue to grow and spread, causing increasing damage to the paint. Simply painting over it not only increases paint consumption, but rarely solves the issue, as the paint will encapsulate rust and moisture, which will continue to corrode underneath the painted surface. If not treated, rust staining will continue to spread until it becomes necessary to mechanically remove the rust from the entire surface and repaint.

Rust Stain Removal - Ferrycid Rustremover

The Product:

Ferryl Ferrycid Rustremover

By treating rust stains at an early stage, Ferryl Ferrycid Rustremover easily stops the corrosion process and removes rust stains without causing any damage or fading of the paint. Importantly, Ferryl Ferrycid is effective and easy to use, applied by brush, rag, mop or spray. It is equally effective on all degrees of rust and is diluted with water according to the severity of the rust to be removed.

Once the rust is removed and the surface is rinsed off with water, no further treatment is necessary before touching up with paint or re-painting the surface if necessary. Ferryl Ferrycid leaves a thin, clear protective layer on the surface of the paint, which helps to protect against corrosion and extends the lifetime of painted surfaces.

Although appropriate gloves and eye-wear are recommended when using Ferryl Ferrycid, it is a safe and non-toxic product to use that is not harmful to the marine environment.

Ferryl Ferrycid Rustremover is a versatile product, ideal for removal of rust stains on painted surfaces, heavy rust, limescale deposits or cement.