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Bad Odour Removal

The Application:

Several types of cargo cause bad odours in cargo holds, containers or storage facilities and when these bad odours occur it is important that they are removed. Various types of cleaning agents can mask bad smells, but if the smell is not properly removed it can adversely affect other cargos.

In living quarters there is also a need to remove odours caused by rubbish, cigarette smoke, or in sanitary installations. Conventional air-fresheners work to mask unpleasant smells. By producing a stronger smell that is more pleasant, bad smells can be overlooked, but the bacteria that is often causing the bad smell, and indeed the bad smell itself, is still present.

The Product:

Ferryl Air-Refreshment Bad Odour Neutraliser

Ferryl Air-Refreshment is chemically active to neutralise bacteria and particles in the air that are causing bad odours. The product is sprayed into the area using spraying apparatus when applied in cargo holds or larger storage areas, or using the handheld spray-pump bottle in smaller areas. Ferryl Air-Refreshment is designed to remove the bad odour, not simply masking it. Ferryl Air-Refreshment effectively removes fish and animal smells, garbage and waste smells, as well as cigarette smoke and mildew.