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Mooring Wires

The Application:

Mooring wires require a grease that lubricates, protects against rust and stays on the wire despite exposure to and submersion in seawater. Conventional greases are unable to satisfy these requirements. Greases not designed for the shipping industry will be unable to handle constantly changing temperatures and climates and exposure to saltwater. Greases that too easily drip in hot climates or are washed off by seawater leave the wire exposed, so the wire begins to rust. This results in a cycle of frequent re-greasing of mooring wires, increasing amount of product used as well as labour time spent greasing wires. Of course, all the grease that is washed off ends up in the sea, causing pollution.

Because mooring wires can be subject to water emersion during mooring, the requirement to use an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) according to the Vessel General Permit (VGP) applies for vessels trading in US waters.

Oil Tanker
Oil Tanker Mooring
LNG Tanker in Shipyard
Oil Tanker at Oil Terminal

The Product:

Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease

Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease is designed for use on steel mooring wires. It has excellent adhesion because of rubberised binders in the grease, and a semi-drying film that forms on the surface of the wire to drastically reduce wash-off. A high melting point ensures the grease does not drip in hot weather, yet the grease works equally well for when the vessel sails in sub-zero climates. The result is that the mooring wire is better protected, as the grease stays on the wire. There is less waste and the need to re-grease becomes less frequent. The reduced re-greasing makes Ferryl 202 Standard very cost-effective.

The Ferryl rust inhibitors in Ferryl 202 Standard means that the grease is chemically active to protect against rust. The grease also provides the necessary lubrication to reduce mechanical wear of the steel. Being biodegradable, non-toxic and non-bioaccumulative, Ferryl 202 Standard is also considered an EAL, which results in its use not being restricted in US waters.

Additional or Alternative Products

When appearance is important, Ferryl 202 White Anticorrosive Grease offers a clean, white appearance and can be used with excellent results.

On new wires or to obtain optimal penetration into the wire core, Ferryl 101 Anticorrosive Oil can be applied. Because it is an oil Ferryl 101 will easily penetrate throughout the wire, ensuring the entire wire is protected against rust. Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease can then be applied on top, for excellent lubrication of the wire. Ferryl 101 and Ferryl 202 Standard are 100% compatible products.