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Safety First

You cannot compromise on safety. Safety at sea is crucial and most companies operate a policy of 'safety first.' From the safety of the ship and her equipment, to the safety of the crew and the environment, safety needs are everywhere. Buy Ferryl and keep your ship safe.

Read about the port of Valparaíso, Chile, in this article written by Ferryl Sales Limited's director. Check back soon for new instalments in the series: Ports of World - From Sailor to Saleswork.

Ferryl's famous grease is called Ferryl 202, so we at Ferryl are always on the lookout for the number "202". Where have you seen "202" lately? We spotted "202" at the Berlin Marathon!

Ferryl is pleased to announce that as of September 2014 stock of Ferryl products is available in West Africa in Nigeria. Just Anti-Corrosive Vendors Limited, established by Mr. Steve Onumaegbu, has been formed to import, stock and supply Ferryl’s Anticorrosive Products to international vessels calling West African ports as well as servicing the offshore oil and gas industry in the region.

If left unprotected the inner parts of a wire can rust, causing it to deteriorate from the inside, even if coated with a quality grease on the surface. This can be avoided by ensuring the wire core is given anticorrosive protection. Ferryl 101 is a liquid product with an excellent ability to penetrate into the wire, preventing rust in the wire-core.